About Us
27 Jul 2017

About Rent a Scooter Bangkok

Rent a Scooter Bangkok offers scooter rental services in Bangkok (Thailand). After staying a short time in Bangkok, everyone can note that the city is crowded, and it is always under traffic jam. Based on this statement, we have decided to act and find a solution to help people moving in Bangkok with our motorbike. Strong for many years of experiences in riding bikes in Bangkok, we knew that scooters are the best solution to move fast and cheap in the city. This is how we decided to start a scooter rental activity. Our mission is thus to offer scooters for rent with the best service, at any time and at the cheapest rental price. Our vision is to be a company offering freedom, safety, saving in time and money to people in Bangkok. Our offer is daily, weekly and monthly scooter rentals and we provide helmet and third-party insurance.

Why rent a scooter in Bangkok?

How many times have you been stuck in the traffic, watching the time and hoping you won’t be late? Driving a motorcycle will make you avoid this situation forever. With a scooter, say bye to traffic, it’s almost a non-stop driving (except red light obviously). You will divide your travelling time in Bangkok at least by two. Even if you use common transportation like BTS or MRT, most of the time you need to change the transportation and get a cab or a motor taxi. All of these changes can take a lot of time and you usually end up traveling for more than one hour. Rent a scooter will definitely make you avoid this waste of time.

Let’s talk about the price now

As we said, taxi, motor taxi, BTS, MRT, Airport link etc., most of the time you have to combine them, and the bill increases very easily. If you like taxis, then you will hate the meter after being stuck for 10 minutes at the same place. If you decide to rent a scooter, you will really appreciate the difference. Say stop to the frustration you get when you see the taxi driver takes the most crowded road instead of shortcuts. Here is your choice, your decisions and for cheap. We offer affordable rental prices and gas is very cheap (around 30 to 34 baht/litter).
Finally, the most important is that you get a real freedom with your bike. You can actually go anywhere anytime with no constraints. Need to do some shopping, move somewhere during weekend, go to a cinema, go visit a friend or do some sport, jump on your scooter and arrive in few minutes. This may not appear important at the beginning but once you’ve tasted it, you won’t be able to live without a motorbike in Bangkok.

What about the dangers?

Is it dangerous to ride a scooter in Bangkok? We will definitely say NO. Bangkok is a crowded city for sure. This means you need to pay attention, be very vigilant and wakeful when you drive a motorcycle. But doesn’t that mean that you shouldn’t do the same anywhere in the world? I would say a big YES. So anywhere in the world vigilance should be the first word you have in mind, especially as a rider. If it’s not the case, it means you are a dangerous rider, no need to blame the city. The best advices we could give you is first to follow the flow of the vehicles you will thus be safe, secondly, be very aware while passing cars, so that any other motorbikes or walkers won’t suddenly arise from behind cars. Once you are aware of this, riding in Bangkok won’t be more difficult than riding somewhere else.