Rent a Scooter Bangkok - How it works ?

Scooters can be rented daily, weekly or monthly.

The lessee must pay the rental price on the first day of the rental period. If the lessee rents a scooter monthly, he is allowed to pay at the beginning of each month he rents.

The scooter has to be picked up by the lessee at Rent a Scooter Bangkok local. 

The lessee can't go outside of the Thailand territory with the scooter.

The lessee has to pay an advance deposit of 2000 Baht to rent a scooter.

The scooter can be driven only by the lessee.

The lessee must provide a valid passport and driving licence. We won't keep the lessee's passport but just make a copy.

A helmet is provided to the lessee.

A third party insurance is provided to the lessee.